About Us

"Success in life has nothing to do with what you gain in life or accomplish for yourself. It's what you do for others." - Danny Thomas
 Volunteering with children painting hands
United Friends of India is an independent, non-profit, non-governmental volunteer organization which has the aim to make developmental changes in the rural areas of India. The organization is based in Jaipur, Rajasthan, India. We are currently active in Rajasthan (Shiv and Jaipur) and Himachal Pradesh (Palampur). The project locations are well linked to famous and touristic places of India. All volunteer project locations have different and unique customs, culture, climate and geographical conditions for the volunteers. We are working in the most needful areas and supporting local children and adults in increasing their situation. We are encouraging social development by providing volunteering work and supporting responsible tourism in India. As well, “United Friends of India” arranges excursions, workshops as well as an orientation session to give you an overview of the culture of the “Incredible India”. This brings you closer to country and people.
Our Aim
We are having the common aim to improve the life of the disadvantaged people in Rajasthan and Himachal Pradesh. It is very important to reclaim personal and educational advancement, moral growth and community health. So our main focus is to convey the following ethical values and responsibilities:
Everyone should have the right to have a good education. Nevertheless it's almost never the case. Children cannot afford to go to Volunteers work with these children school, because they are too poor and need the money for food. Teachers cannot spend enough time on the pupils or they do not have the materials to make a better education possible. We want to change that. We want to point out how important education is and improve the school situation. The team of volunteers and staff are establishing and leading educational programs. Our main task is to form the base of knowledge for the children as well as for the community. We are supporting their progress by using playful and effective learning methods. Showing them the value of educa-tion is very important.
 Equality and Social Justice
children learning from volunteersA lot of conflicts grow out of lack of knowledge and isolation from the world. Because of that we are encouraging the dialogue with different cultures, nations and religions. We are improving the mutual understanding by our Community works. We make the people understand that everyone can choose their own way of lifestyle (e.g. religion) and show them that all the people are not as different as they think. You as a volunteer can make the people aware of disadvantages of child marriage/labor and teach woman rights and prevent unfairness.
 Kindness and welfare
volunteer with childrenWe do not just want to improve the situation with our work but also with our personality and welfare. Life becomes more joyful, if you will share your luck with other people. We are spending time and attention on people who really need it. Meeting them with a smile will put a smile on their face as well. What is better than seeing people be happy and smiling?
volunteer work in Rajasthan sname charmer's projectWe are not alone in this world. Of course it is our business if someone is treated unfairly. It does not matter if this is happening in Europe or India. We are having the responsibility to change the situations. So volunteering is not a choice, it's a responsibility.
Our Team
The team consists of people of same ideology and aims of “United Friends of India”. The achievements of our organization are not possible without having a
 volunteer services organizer
Founder & Director
well structured, proficient and enthusiastic team. Team members are well experienced in their fields and know all the es-sential details that will help you making your time more enjoyable and worriless. They take care of all volunteers and have a sympathetic ear for each and everyone. Our team is well-tuned, motivated and experienced in working with volunteers. All of us are supporting our common aim. At the moment we are updating the information about our team. It will take some time until all details are collected and ready to upload it. Thank you for your patience.
Why with us
We for you
Even though we have already worked and are working with a lot of volunteers, we are caring about each and every one of them. For us you are more than a tourist and we are always there if you need us. Our staff is available 24hours a day and will provide you help if required. You are in the center of interest! So your trip will be surly unforgettable and unique! Even before coming to India we are providing you more information about your project location as well as other info’s. After your volunteer work we are writing an individual certificate for your achievement in India. As well as we can inform you about the changes in your work placement after you have left.
 You decide
You are choosing your project location, your volunteer work as well as the duration!
Already before your trip has started you are getting detailed infos about India, your project and your accomodation at the location. For any queries or problems we are always there for you. Because of knowledge and experience they always know what to do, if you have lost your passport or you being sick.
We provide the best safe and secure programs for the volunteering. We keep an eye on our volunteers and there where abouts. The team guides the volunteers with safety tips and precautions during the nights.
 No pre-knowledge required
At the most of the projects you do not need any special pre-skills (except for the Health Care Center project). You just need to be at least 18 years old and have the basics skills in English. That is all!
 Prior volunteers
On our website you can take a look on some of our prior volunteers and read their stories. There you can get direct infos and their personal experiences.